Friday, November 2, 2012

Microsoft MSDN Flash November.

Watch out for the IE 10 Launch

Release of a preview of IE10 on Windows 7 in mid-November, with final availability to follow as we collect developer and customer feedback.

IE10 on Windows 7 has the same standards based platform for developers to target as IE10 on Windows 8. We built an entirely new browser with Windows 8, with more performance and developer capabilities. IE10 brings improved real-world site performance and additional standards support to Windows 7 that Web developers have been asking for.

Pinning gives your site a front row seat.  

Put your tile right next to apps on the Windows 8 Start Screen in minutes. Find out how!
Experience another level of Multi-touch gaming

on the web - Contre Jour - powered by IE10. Watch the video here and experience it here!

Microsoft TechDays begins 50 city, cross-country tour!
One of the premier technical events in India and should not be missed. A unique opportunity to listen to & learn from the experts and this time we are coming to your town. Thousands of technology professionals from across India will come together to network with peers and experts, while diving deep into Microsoft technologies. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to create and convert your dream ideas into apps on the Windows 8 or Windows Phone platform.
Register Now

SharePoint Conference 2012 – Session highlights!

The SharePoint Conference 2012 session list is the most comprehensive we've ever put together.  Register now to hear from top Microsoft, Community and Industry speakers in over 270 sessions designed to give IT Pros, Developers and Business Decision Makers everything they need know about SharePoint 2013.
Check out the session highlights below and click here to see the complete list.
You won't find a greater concentration of SharePoint knowledge anywhere else on the planet.
IT Professional Track
SharePoint Server 2013: What's new for IT Professionals
Bill Baer, Microsoft Corp
SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Deep Dive
Sean Livingston, Microsoft Corp
User Profile Synchronization Best Practices in SharePoint Server 2013
Spencer Harbar, Microsoft SharePoint MVP
Developer Track
Building end-to-end apps for SharePoint with Windows Azure and Windows 8
Todd Baginski, Microsoft SharePoint MVP & Donovan Follette, Microsoft Corp
Developing apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2012
Mike Morton & Sean Laberee, Microsoft Corp
Zero to Live in 60mins using SharePoint 2013 Publishing
Andrew Connell, Microsoft SharePoint MVP & Daniel Kogan, Microsoft Corp
Business Decision Maker Track
Becoming a next-gen organization with SharePoint and Yammer
Mark Fidelman, Evolve! Inc
The Value of Engaging with Cross Functional Business and Stakeholders
Rob Foster, Microsoft SharePoint MVP
Lead the Enterprise Social Revolution: 5 Steps to Drive Culture Change
Dux Raymond Sy, Microsoft SharePoint MVP
Featured Customer Sessions
How Nationwide will use the New Corporate App Marketplace to Develop a Community
Chris Plescia & Jeff Schumann, Nationwide
How NASDAQ makes corporate governance easy with SharePoint
Bret Beresford & Michael MacDonald, NASDAQ
How Jones Lang LaSalle Leveraged SharePoint 2013 to Power its Next Generation Public Site
Gregory Adams & Tom Lombardo, Jones Lang LaSalle
Registered attendees will get access to MySPC next week to start planning their agenda, so don't be left wondering what you could have done at SharePoint Conference 2012.  Register now and join MS in Las Vegas!


Some options are hidden when publishing to SharePoint Portal Server 2003: Infopath 2010


In InfoPath 2010, when adding a form field to be available as a column on the SharePoint form library (File >> Advanced Form Options >> Property Promotion >> Add), the option to make the field editable from the library is missing.

Instead of a checkbox with the message “Allow users to edit data in this field by using a datasheet or properties page”, there is a message “Some options are hidden when publishing to SharePoint Portal Server 2003.”


The solution is pretty simple. Re-publish the form (File >> Publish >> SharePoint Server (Publish form to a SharePoint library). Do not use Quick Publish!).  As you go through the Publishing wizard, keep the selections the same to update your published file. The fourth screen will look identical to the Property Promotion dialog, but when you click Add (or Modify), the option to “Allow users to edit data in this field by using a datasheet or properties page” will be there.

SharePoint Pro Resources: eBooks

Download the latest SharePoint administration and development resources from SharePoint Pro. Keep up to date with the latest technology and IT trends, tips, and research.


Hyper-V Data Protection Trends By AppAssure Software

The Essential Guide to Lossless iSCSI By Brocade, Hitachi Data Systems


Secure Copy By Dell|Scriptlogic
Security Explorer - 12 Jul 2012 By Dell|Scriptlogic

On-Demand Web Seminars

An Overview of the Vital Role of Fax By Instant InfoSystems

Utility Resources


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vote by clicking in the Respond group above. However, no Respond group is available.

Problem Description:
In Microsoft Outlook, when you double-click to open a Microsoft SharePoint alert notification that is forwarded to you, voting buttons that the sender added may not be visible.

Error Message:
Vote by clicking in the Respond group above. However, no Respond group is available.

Probable Cause:
The Share Ribbon tab on the message that is opened contains custom SharePoint buttons, such as the Connect to this Document Library button and the Preview this Document Library button. The original Message tab, where the Vote drop-down button typically appears, is not available.

Use the Reading Pane to access the voting options. To enable the Reading Pane, follow these steps:

·         In the main Outlook window, click the View Ribbon tab. 
·         Click the Reading Pane button, and then click either Right or Bottom . 
·         Click one time on the message that was forwarded to display the message in the Reading Pane. In the message header area of the Reading Pane, click Click here to vote to make a voting selection.

How exactly I reproduced the issue?

1.    Open a SharePoint document library in Windows Internet Explorer on a SharePoint site that is configured to send email messages. 
2.    On the SharePoint ribbon, click Library Tools, click Documents, click Alert Me, and then click Manage My Alerts. 
3.    Click Add Alert. 
4.    Select the document library that you opened in step 1, and then click Next . 
5.    Confirm that Send Alerts To is set to an email account that can be checked by using Outlook 2010, Delivery Method is set to email , Change Type is set to All Changes , Send Alerts for These Changes is set to Anything changes , and When to Send Alerts is set to Send notification immediately . Then, click OK . 
6.    Browse to the document library that you opened in step 1. 
7.    Make a change to the document library, such as deleting a document or uploading a document. 
8.    In Outlook 2010, select the message that explains the change that you made in step 7.
9.    Click Forward. 
10. In the forward message window, click Options, click Use Voting Buttons , and then click Approve; Reject . 
11. Specify a recipient, and then click Send. 
12. On the recipient's computer where Outlook is installed, double-click the message that you sent in step 11 to open the message in message view.

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know.
I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.


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