Saturday, January 25, 2014

Deactivated controls in SharePoint Designer 2013

A SharePoint Server 2013 administrator can deactivate the following features in SharePoint Designer 2013 clients that are connected to the server:

·         Connections to SharePoint Server if software updates to SharePoint Designer are required.

·         The ability to create workflows by using the SharePoint Server 2010 workflow platform.

·         The ability to save and publish existing workflows that use the SharePoint Server 2010 workflow platform.

·         The ability to save a SharePoint Server 2010 workflow as a template.

If you notice that any of these features are not available in SharePoint Designer 2013, contact your SharePoint Server administrator for more information.


Applies to:  SharePoint Designer 2013, SharePoint 2013.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Document properties are clearing out when uploading document to SharePoint site: SharePoint 2010.

Issue: Document properties are clearing out when uploading a Powerpoint document to SharePoint site.
Background: We had a user who has an issue where he uploads a PowerPoint document with some predefined properties in place enforced by the clients IT security team.

These properties are nothing was just a categorization of the document in different ways. The issue was when user checkout the document, edit the document and then check in back the document all the properties associated with the document was washed/vanished (you can call it whatever you want…).

Hmm, Interesting. This only happening to PowerPoint document, rest all documents were opening fine without any issue.

It seems to be very heavy issue to me. At first instances it was filling something to be wrong with PowerPoint document on the local desktop.

We cleared all the properties of the document, uploaded on SharePoint check-out, edited it, check-in back but still the problem is same.

We tried the same steps with excel, word type documents and its working fine.

Replicated the issue on a different site by saving the list as a template without content and it was reproduced i.e. properties are getting clearing out again and again.

Uploaded a test PowerPoint on the site and it was working fine.

Uploading new document is working fine but issue is occurring on the old documents.

There was no clear point which could tell why this issue is occurring, however, the one thing which was very basic to check but ignored. The problem document was a password protected. When removed and uploaded it was working fine. Properties was not clearing out.

We tried the reverse on other documents i.e. protected the excel and word documents with password and uploaded to SharePoint, uploading , checkout, editing, check-in back and it again brought issue back.

So it was clear that password protection was giving issue on the documents properties clearing out.

Now the question was why this is happening? Is because password protection use encryption and with the encrypted properties SharePoint doesn't understand the properties values and make then blank.

You have to choose the properties again by editing the document properties to again categories them.

You can educate user of your company by spreading this work in the internal SharePoint forums by creating FAQ’s etc.

If you are not aware how to enable and disable password protection on office documents, below is the link:

Applies to: MOSS 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, Office 2007, Office 2010.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SharePoint: When you download a file in Internet Explorer 7, the space character in the file name is changed to a underscore

Issue: whenever user is trying to download a file form SharePoint site its Spaces gets replaced with the special character underscore (-).

Background: A user had a long file names with spaces and when he downloads the file. The spaces gets replaced with underscore _. For example: file name “Amardeep SharePoint Public.ppt” will be replaced with “Amardeep_SharePoint_Public.ppt”.


-          Tried every possible solution to check on this issue such as uploading multiple file with different extensions.

-          Tried files with short names and long names.

-          Tried repairing the office package.

-          It was showing issue on most of the machines, however on the machine where we had IE 8 and above this working as expected.

-          It was more of an issue with the machine where we have IE 7 and was not upgraded yet.

-          If this is the case then there should be a justification, some publication available from Microsoft.

-          Showing some more curiosity had led me to the resolution of the issue.


There was hotfix released by MS and it’s a known issue with IE7 only.

Link to obtain Hotfix is :

You can also have your IE upgraded to next version to have this issue resolved.

TechNet Wiki 

Applies to: IE 7, SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

SharePoint 2010 Virtual Labs

SharePoint Server 2010
·                     Introduction to SharePoint Server 2010 Upgrade
·                     Developing KPIs and Scorecards with PerformancePoint Services
·                     Web Content Management Visual Upgrade
·                     Advanced Search Security
·                     Configuring Search UIs
·                     Connectors & Using the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) Service
·                     Federated Search
·                     Linguistics
·                     Monitoring & Systems Management
·                     PowerShell for Search
·                     Query API and Query Languages
·                     Relevancy and Ranking
·                     Search Reporting and Analytics
·                     Upgrading to FAST Search for SharePoint
·                     Backup and Restore
·                     Business Connectivity Services
·                     Business Continuity Management
·                     Configuring Remote Blob Storage FILESTREAM Provider
·                     Configuring Tenant Administration
·                     Configuring User Profile Synchronization
·                     Enterprise Search
·                     Monitoring
·                     New IT Pro Features
·                     Performance Management
·                     SharePoint Designer for IT Pros
·                     SharePoint RTM - IT PRO - Business Continuity Management
·                     SharePoint RTM - IT PRO - Installing and Configuring
·                     SharePoint RTM - IT PRO - Service Applications
·                     SharePoint RTM - IT PRO - Upgrade
·                     Windows PowerShell and SharePoint

 SharePoint Server 2010 Virtual Labs on MSDN
·                     Introduction
·                     Getting Started
·                     Connectors & Using the Business Data Connnectivity (BDC) Service
·                     Advanced Search Security
·                     Configuring Search UIs
·                     Content Processing and Property Extraction
·                     Developing a Custom Connector
·                     Fast Search Web Crawler
·                     Federated Search
·                     Linguistics
·                     People Search Administration and Management
·                     Relevancy and Ranking
·                     Customizing MySites
·                     Designing Lists and Schemas
·                     Developing a BCS External Content Type with Visual Studio
·                     Developing a Sandboxed Solution with Web Parts
·                     Developing a Visual Web Part in Visual Studio
·                     Developing Business Intelligence Applications
·                     Enterprise Content Management
·                     LINQ to SharePoint
·                     User Interface Advancements
·                     Visual Studio SharePoint Tools

·                     Workflow


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