Thursday, April 3, 2014

InfoPath form library forms cannot be filled out in a Web browser

Today I was monitoring the SP servers along with some regular sanity checks that need to be carried out on daily basis. While doing that, I noticed one error based on this InfoPath rendering in the Health check analyzer!  But let me tell guys InfoPath is perfectly working in our environment without any issues and nobody has reported any incident also then why this error is showing in the health analyzer? – you must be thinking the same but no need to worry about as this is not a big one which will take lot of your time, some minor checks and you are done.

Error message:
InfoPath Forms Services forms cannot be filled out in a Web browser because no State Service connection is configured.

If this is your new configuration then you need to follow this existing official documentation from Microsoft which is pretty awesome!

In our case, we have already done this configuration long time back and as I said, it’s working fine. The error message is little bit misleading one as its asking you to check the “state service” service application to be online or not but that’s not the case. We have already configured this service application long time back so where exactly the issue is and why it’s throwing the error?

Let me tell you the trick which we sometimes ignored – Look out the error in the HAL rule – see the below:

You will notice that it’s also giving you the URL of the web application for whom its failing and name of the servers also.

In our case, we have recently created a new web application in the farm and its been reflected in that! What it means? Pretty simple – the ‘state service’ service application is not configured for the same.

So what we need to do now for this re-association? Here are the details:

1.   Open the central Administration
2.   Application management
3.   Service applications
4.   Configure service application associations
5.   Select the web application for whim it’s failing
6.   Click on custom
7.   It will open the service application options
8.   Select the state service check box and click OK

Once you are done with the above steps then come back to health analyzer list, click on the same rule and hit “Reanalyze now” – that’s it, you are done.

Product Applies To:
o   SharePoint 2010
o   SharePoint 2013
o   SharePoint Foundation 2013
o   SharePoint Foundation 2010

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cannot uninstall Language Pack 0 because it is not deployed

SharePoint 2013 is really a good product w.r.t. functionality and awesome GUI to work with! But today’s article is based on the error that I faced while updating the solution.

If you find a different solution, please report it as a comment to this post. Be sure to double-verify it: undo your solution and verify that the problem comes back, then redo it and verify that the problem goes away.

Here is the error message:
Cannot uninstall Language Pack 0 because it is not deployed when attempting to uninstall-spsolution

One thing we always need to understand is the logic would be same for the functionality irrespective of which SharePoint version you are working!

What’s that funda? – Here we go:
If you are facing this error message then I would suggest checking the status of your solution in central administration. How to check this? Here are the details:
o   Central Administration
o   System Settings
o   Manage Farm Solutions
o   It will open the solution management
o   Here you can check the status of your solution

If your solution is showing updating, deploying or retracting status then first and top most check that you need to verify the status of your TIMER JOB across all WFE’s.  How to check this? – Here are the details:
o   Login to your web front end (WFE)
o   Start
o   Run
o   Type “services.msc” and hit enter
o   It will open the services console
o   Click on any service and press S
o   It will directly show you the SharePoint Services
o   Second service will be SharePoint Timer Service
o   Check the status across all your servers

Two outcomes will be there:
1.   Timer service will be stopped one of the server:
If this is the case then start the timer job on that specific server and check the results by executing the commands that you are using.

2.   Timer service is started on all the servers:
If this is the case then restart all the SharePoint Timer Services across all servers. Once this done then execute the commands that you are doing and check the results

Details notes:
Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath c:\nameofyoursolution.wsp

Install-SPSolution -Identity nameofyoursolution.wsp –GACDeployment

Uninstall-SPSolution -Identity nameofyoursolution.wsp

Remove-SPSolution -Identity nameofyoursolution.wsp

Update-SPSolution -Identity nameofyoursolution.wsp -LiteralPath c:\nameofyoursolution.wsp -GACDeployment

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.

Product Applies To:
o   SharePoint 2013
o   SharePoint 2010
o   SharePoint 2007


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