Thursday, March 13, 2014

An error has occurred in the claim providers configured from this site collection

Let me share this article today in which the error we faced didn’t resemble with the farm configuration. We are using windows authentication and neva-eva configure the claims authentication but today we faced this strange error:

An error has occurred in the claim providers configured from this site collection.

I was working on permission part for one of the service application in Central Administration (CA), trying to give permission to one of our service account but got the above mentioned error.

It didn’t take me to figure out what’s the issue and the resolution was pretty simple

AAM i.e. alternate access mappings – Please make sure that you have configured the CA URL properly. In case of any changes with respect to host header then please do the necessary changes and check the results. 

1.   Central Administration
2.   System settings
3.   Farm management
4.   Configure alternate access mappings
5.   Select the CA URL from the top dropdown
6.   Edit public URLs
7.   Make the changes and hit OK – That’s it.

There are no addresses available for this application – Resolved

Recently we have created Business Connectivity Service application (BCS SA / BDC) and we were having problems in accessing the SA. We were getting the following error message while accessing it – if we click on the BDC / BCS service application then it was throwing an error message.

Error Message:
There are no addresses available for this application

This is not a permission issue.
There is no problem of service application corruption.
This is not user specific / account specific.

1)   Make sure the service is started via – services on server.
o   Central administration
o   Application management
o   Service applications
o   Manage services on server
o   Start the ‘Business Data Connectivity Service’

2)   Execute IISRESET on that server where you have started the Business Data Connectivity Service.

Product applies to:
1.   SharePoint Server 2010
2.   SharePoint Foundation 2010
3.   SharePoint Server 2013
4.   SharePoint Foundation 2013

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

URL Redirection / Vanity URL in IIS 7.5

We have a SharePoint site like Whenever user types the any word (eg. "employee”) after site name ( , it should redirect to another site .

We can achieve this in two ways.
1.Using IIS URL Rewrite. [OR]
2.Adding URL redirect rule in Web.config file manually.

Method 1:Using IIS URL Rewrite

1) Open IIS Manager.
2) Under sites, select your site.
3) Under IIS section , you can see a module called “URL Rewrite”.
    If you are not able to see that module , you can download & install it from

4) Click on “Add Rule(s)” and select “Blank Rule”. Click on “OK”.

5) There will be four section which you need to fill.
a)      Name of the rule: You can provide a name for this rule Eg)”ReDirect To Employee Portal”.
b)      Pattern : In our case , it should match the word “employee”. So we can provide the pattern like “^employee$
c)      Conditions: Add the condition like base URL should be .
 Set Condition Input: {HTTP_HOST} & Pattern “^$
d)      Action: Set action type as “Redirect” & in Redirect URL provide the URL which you want to  redirect  “”.

6) Click on “Apply” .

This method will add URL redirect rule in Web.config file automatically once we click on “Apply”.( We can add/edit/disable/remove the rule whenever needed via IIS URL Redirect)

Method 2: Adding URL redirect rule in Web.config file Manually.
(We need to be careful while doing changes to web.config file manually. Always take backup of web.config file before doing any modification’s)

Add the Below Rule  inside   tag.

Now it’s all set. Whenever user's hits the URL “” , it will redirect to

Monday, March 10, 2014

“Link to a Document” opens Read only documents

Today we are going to discuss a content type “Link to a Document”.

Basically these are summary points:-
1.     How to use and add this content type?
2.     Why this content open read only documents?

Let’s start with – How to use and add this content type?

By default only one content type is a part of any document library i.e. New Document – How to check this?

1)    Open your SharePoint document library
2)    Click on new
3)    You will see the content type named as “New Document”

Now I want another content type listed over there as “Link to a Document” – How to enable this?

a)     Open your SharePoint document library
b)    Top section ->Ribbon
c)     Library
d)    Library settings
e)     Advanced settings
f)      Enable this option – ‘Allow management of content types’
g)     Click OK
h)    You will again come back to the library settings page
i)       Scroll down to the same page
j)       There you go  - you will see a new section named as “content types”
k)     Click this options – “Add from existing site content types”
l)       You will see several content types under “Available site content types” gallery
m)  Scroll down to the list and select “Link to a document”
n)    Click Add
o)    Hit OK

By this way, we have successfully added the “Link to a document” content type (CT).

Now how to use this content type?
1.     Open your document library where we have enabled this content type
2.     Top Ribbon ->Library Tools
3.     New Document
4.     Select ‘Link to a document’
5.     You will see two fields Document Name and Document URL

6.     Enter the name as per your requirements and enter the document URL (How to get document URL? – Go to the document library where the document resides ->Right on that document for which you want to create a link ->Copy shortcut)

By this way – a link to document will be successfully created!

Now the times arrive to discuss issues w.r.t. this functionality.

Why the document which has been created by “Link to a document” content type opens only in “Read only” mode?

Not understanding the exact behavior – let’s try to reproduce it J

Let us create one hyperlink / link to a document in my document library – here is the screenshot

Click on it and you will get these options – Open, Save and Cancel.
Where is the edit option?

If you click on open ->document will open without any problems ->but if do any changes and try to save it then it will ask you to save locally

Is this I want? NO – I want that this document should be saved directly to SP and not locally!

Let’s try to understand this / check what is under the hood – How is this functionality working?

When we use the content type “Link to a document” then it will not be an office compatible component that we can use with word, excel or PowerPoint. It is simply an aspx page and it’s not possible to edit these pages in office version.

I have created a document share for this document library where I placed the “linked to document” content type.

Default visibility will show you that it’s an excel compatible as we have linked the excel document to it.
But if you create a network share for the same document library then it will reveal the real facts, like above.

From the screenshot, you will understand that it’s showing as aspx page and not an office document. ASPX page are not office compatible so it’s quite obvious it will give you the prompt of open, save and cancel.


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