Monday, January 13, 2014

SharePoint Server 2013: The file is locked for exclusive use - SharePoint error while editing office document

It seems a long time we haven’t talk about any integration problems and respective troubleshooting associated with it.

Today’s issue is based on the same! One of my users submitted a ticket by mentioning she is facing some problems in editing the word document. Probing further I came to know this problem is restricted to only one document and same problem is happening for me also if try to edit the same. You must be curious that which issue I am talking about and what should be the exact error message. Here we go-

I can check out and check it in but if someone else try to check it out it is not possible.

The file “filename” is locked for exclusive use by “account-name”

Let me tell you something, the file is not under the check-out status, it’s not currently open also but still its saying “locked”

This issue might be happened due to following reasons-

The Microsoft Office products cashes while you were working on that particular document
PC crashes while the document is open
Loss of network connection (network issue) while document is open

1.   Office repair but didn’t resulted any success in my case but you can try
2.   Check the SharePoint draft location where generally SharePoint check out happens
3.   User permissions testing to check the results
4.   URL character limitation
5.   Illegal filename limitation


1.   How to use this tool, its relatively easy!
2.   Down the wsp to your desktop
3.   Upload it to the site collection solution gallery
4.   Activate the solution from solution gallery
5.   Activate the solution at the site collection level
6.   Add the webpart named as “spfileunlock” to any page and you are done!

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2010.


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