Friday, October 24, 2008

Workflow "Error" System Account An error has occurred after workflow completed MOSS 2007

Problem: If you have a "built in" or custom approval workflow setup for your document library. The workflow runs correctly, however when sometimes you look at the workflow status, you may receive an error after the task has been approved and completed such as, Event Type: Error User ID: System Account Description: An error has occurred in [name of workflow].

Resolution: When you define your workflow, there is a section "Post-completion Workflow Activities", where you can check "Update the approval status (use this workflow to control content approval)". If you check this option, and you do NOT have content approval enabled on the library level, you get the system account error message. If you do not check it, everything works fine.

Reason for occurrences: The account listed in the "User ID" column does not have permission to "something" that is being requested in the workflow code. Workflow usually running as the "system account" within SharePoint and should have access to all the objects within SharePoint. However, the system account may not have access to some resources that are outside of SharePoint and needed by the workflow code. Accessing outside resources is usually done via the .NET worker process account (e.g. NETWORK SERVICE).


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