Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What does it take to become Transition Manager: SharePoint 2010?

I have been busy to serve the requirement of one of our clients. Till now I have been working on the SharePoint Production/Operations and Maintenance support projects. This is first time I have been asked to take up the opportunity of a SharePoint Production support from another vendor to our client. 

I am learning allot of new things being on this assignments and I wish to share those concepts with all my readers.

When we talk about winning a deal with the client from our competitors, our bidding team come in to picture and based on the requirements of the client we need to project the solution to the client. This is point where a Solution Architect comes in to picture.  

When solution is projected to the client and accepted, then it comes to delivery part of the commitments made. These include SOW and SLA signoffs, Resource Planning, Budgeting, Resource Allocation; Technology Skill required etc. Delivery Manager (refer to the PDF at the link for details of a delivery mangers role) is basically responsible for all these things to carry forward. 

In between these roles an integral role also comes in the picture which needs to be carried by either a Program manager or a Transition Manager. 

Transition management (refer to the link for generic definition), in IT provides a powerful combination of technologies and standard operating procedures to drive the successful transfer and startup of a new service-delivery environment.

In other terms, Transition Management in IT is the planning, coordination and implementation of a change to the institutional investment structure.

For executing the transition of a technology based on a service model, you need an expert with the specific skill set termed as Transition Manager.  There are allot of expert with the specific skill set are available in the outside world. However, I can count myself lucky enough to take this opportunity being a Transition Manager

I will be focusing on some of the major components such as creating Transition plan, RACI Matrix, Skill Matrix, and Knowledge Acquisition Plan. 

Till then have a nice day….! 

Applies to: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013.


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