Thursday, February 9, 2012

SharePoint General Check-outs

All, Just thought of writting a quick note on the SharePoint General testing we can carry out after every change we do in the SharePoint Farm.
Below listed are the some of the components you can check on.
User end:

  • Check if all portals/web applications are responding fine.

  • Email Enabled Lib/list.

  • Workflows.

  • Alerts.

  • Add, update, delete list/ lib.

  • Add, update, site with Branding (if any).

  • Add, remove permisisons.

  • Clear recycle bin.

  • Check Site Auditing.

  • Check Manage Content and Structure.

  • Excel Services.

  • Infopath Forms.

  • Mobile/Blackberry access.

  • Outlook Synchronization.

  • People picker.
SP admin check-outs

  • Central admin access

  • Create Site Collection.

  • Delete Site Collection.

  • Update Site Collection.

  • Modify Site Collection admins.

  • SSP access.

  • Start/Stop/Pause crawls.

Hope this helps you all.


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