Thursday, April 5, 2012

SharePoint Tutorials 2010.

Hello Guys,

I will try to bring the SharePoint Training Guides for your help on SharePoint Server 2010 pretty soon.


SharePoint Server 2010: Operations Framework and Checklist.

One of client has come-up with a question from an Administration and Monitoring perspective do we have a to do list to be done on a Daily/Weekly basis and How?

Ans: Yes, we need to. MS provide a very stronge excellent document for this, which an be downloaded form the link SharePoint Server 2010: Operations Framework and Checklists.
Further to his concern, Currently our health analyzer comes with issues on a daily basis. Out of this whether everything has to be looked upon and fixe or only the priority ones has to be taken care. Can you please advice on this? Do we have a list of Priority issues to be taken care ?

Ans: SharePoint Health analyzer is designed to list any issue based on MS best practices to take precautionary measures in advance. However, based on the Priority you need to generalize the issues and have them fixed. Low priority events can be ignore for this time but not in long run because they could also have potential effects to the environments, if not procured.


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