Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Sign in as Different User" menu option is missing in SharePoint Server 2013

It’s been quite a while that I have posted on the blog. Being busy with the some project work it was way long. But I am back with some new stories for the project work.

I was doing exploring some of the sites settings but when I found that I can’t see the settings options and realizes that I don’t even have the full control permissions.

We can’t elevate the permissions of the basic user account to the higher level as one of the constraints of the project work. Then I decided to login on the site with the different user account, but when trying to sign in as a different user the option is missing.

I was not what the issue could be related to the what. One of my colleague at work suggested to use the IE in 32 bit, but no luck.

MS KB has suggested, suggested either to run the IE as administrator, use the admin account to log in to the site or using this URL http://siteurl/_layouts/closeConnection.aspx?loginasanotheruser=true.

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint foundation 2013.  
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