Thursday, July 3, 2014

Setting up Redirector in IIS 8 for SharePoint Sites.

Today, I was given a task to work on setting up a redirector in IIS 8 based on setting up an outage page for our upcoming maintenance for SharePoint farm. I had a looked at my IIS 8 functionalities and could not find none.

So, this leads me to check the basic installation of IIS 8 on windows Server 2012 machine.
I will not be discuss about the How to install the IIS 8 and its components on your machine, for that you can take a look at the

But an important component HTTP Redirection, you need to install when installing IIS 8 to set-up redirector.

You can click on Next to finish Installation. Let all the necessary components installed on.
If it requires a restart then do it.

Click on Run and type Inetmgr, to open the IIS manager console, you can see HTTP Redirect.

Double click on this. You can see the HTTP Redirect console. In my example I am redirecting it to and click Apply on the right hand side of the console.

Now open you IE and type: http://localhost and hit enter and you will be redirected to

You can choose any URL based on your needs.

If you face any issue, while following any steps, I would be happier to help you.

Applies to:

·         SharePoint Server 2013
·         IIS 8
·         Windows Server 2012

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