Thursday, October 23, 2014

Drag Drop not working in SharePoint 2013 with IE8 Installed

Issue: User reported that drag and drop functionality is not working for the some of the user:

Error: There was no error however, user was not able to see Drag files here option when accessing the SharePoint sites. You can see the difference form the below snap-shots.
 IE’s Snap-shot: 

Chrome’s Snap-shot

Background: We have a recent upgrade of IE7 to IE8 and after this user started complaining that they can’t user the option to Drag files in SharePoint sites.


Tried it on the server where we have IE 9 installed and its working fine.
Tried to clear IE cache and reset IE settings.
Tried to reset the zone of sites in IE.
Tried to run the SharePoint 2013 site in IE compatibility view.  
This is something broken or not available in IE 8 which has broken it.
Tried to look at internet and found MS KE which says this functionally is not available in Chrome or Mozilla and this was true for us as this is by design.
However, our problem was to not having it available at all IE 8.


By checking on the server where it was working fine, I noticed that there is a add-on installed with a very clear name: SharePoint DragUpload Control, which is actually allowing IE to work with this functionality.

Checked on Installed IE 8 add-on list and found that ad on STSUpld UloadCtl Class add-on was already enabled.

This adds on is supported by STSUPLD.DLL and is available at location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12.

One article says this functionality doesn’t come with IE 8 or IE 9 by default; you need to have SharePoint DragUpload Control installed. Or installing Office 2013 or SharePoint 2013 does the same job for you.

Since we don’t have any plan to upgrade Office as of now and SharePoint Designer 2013 is blocked

There was another Option which MS KB suggested upgrading to compatibles browser or Office package would resolve the issue, since we don’t have that option, so what next.
Well looking at many options it says that we have to have Office 2013 or SharePoint Designer 2013 installed to user this very popular functionality of SharePoint 2013.


Applies to: SharePoint server 2013, IE8, IE 9, IE 10, Office 2013, SharePoint Designer 2013.

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