Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Virus Found Opening an Infopath form from SharePoint 2007 Site.

Error message: /sites/Sharepoint].xml" contains the following virus: "Reason:= ".

If you want to open this file, you'll need to clean the file using your own virus scanning software. Do you want to save the file to your computer and attempt to clean it.

Background: A user reported that he tried to open an InfoPath form from a SharePoint site and got the error message mentioned above. There is no error occurring when opening any other file. If he clicks yes, and saves the file on the local desktop, he gets the exception error:
Exception from HRESULT: 0x80041050”


Tried opening the file on the same site, get error message.
Tried to download the file, get the exception error message.
Tried opening the other file on the same site and it is opening fine.
The only issue was with the one file.


Based on the TechNet article
To determine whether or not the file is actually infected, you will need to look at the error message for the specific error code 0x80041050. This means that the item is virus-infected. If the item is virus-infected, either delete the infected item, or attempt to clean it using your virus scan application. If the item is not virus-infected, restart the content deployment job.

You can also try to look if there is Virus infected file in the SQL Content DB by running the following query:

Create a new query and run:Select *
from AllDocs
where (VirusStatus > 0) and (VirusStatus is not null)

If you get any results this is your issue!  (Given that you don't actually have some virus in that file.)
Run the next query: Update AllDocs
set VirusStatus = null
where (VirusStatus > 0) and (VirusStatus is not null)

Applies to: WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2007.
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