Saturday, December 8, 2012

Webpart Chrome type is not working or Webpart Title is not working: SharePoint

Today one of my user complained that she was not able to set the title of the web parts on various pages on her site.  When setting the chrome type to ‘Title’ it sets back to 'none', when we hit apply and Ok on the web part page. Hence leading to a problem of Webpart Chrome type is not working as expected.
- We tried setting chrome type to other types. No luck.
- We tried changing the various properties of the Webpart, but no luck.
- While researching on the internet I came across an article which says that forcibly changing the
we implemented the same on the effected page and it doesn’t correct the problem.
- One of the article talks about the problem with the webpart zone, when comparing the webpart zone of the webpart with other webpart on the other sites, it was showing only one webpart zone= main.
This article talks about the resolution but doesn’t show how to do it.
To do this, Open the site in SPD, go to faulty page, and open the page in the coding mode. Look for the webpart page main property.

Change the ID of the webpart to anything other than “Main”. It would bring back the tittles on the webpart. I am not sure why this issue problem had occurred but now it has corrected the problem.

Another Post which talks about the same issue:
If you have questions/queries, do let me know. I would be more happy to help you.

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