Thursday, October 24, 2013

SharePoint Server 2010 Training for Beginners

Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008

These instructions enable you to get started with an environment that is specifically suited to developing SharePoint custom solutions.

Introduction of SharePoint Server 2010 site templates
Videos provide in the following link is a quick preview of the templates, you can go through them quickly and decide which template is best for you.

Getting started with SharePoint Server 2010

What is SharePoint : Capabilities & Benefits

SharePoint 2010 for End Users

Learn SharePoint Server 2010 - IT Pros

SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course

SharePoint 2010 Resources for Developers

SharePoint 2010 Developer Resource Centers

Developer Best Practices Resource Center | SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Developer Center: Download -Code & Templates

Advance - SharePoint Training Course

SharePoint 2010 and Windows Phone 7 Training Course

SharePoint and Silverlight Training Course

SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure Training Course
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