Friday, October 3, 2014

‘Unable to upload the Multiple Document’ in SharePoint 2013: Solution is here.

Issue: When you try to upload multiple document option in SharePoint 2013, the option is not available to you.

Error: There is no error message in specific, however when you try to find the option to upload multiple documents in a Library it’s not available.

Environment: Windows 8, SharePoint Server 2013, Office 2010.

Background: As a new upgrade in the company, user trying to play around the SharePoint 2013 and trying to get used to it. Based on the general queries of the users it had become a good practice to learn about the new features of the product.

A user has asked that we don’t see any option to Upload Multiple Documents in SharePoint 2013 which I know is deprecated in SharePoint Server 2013 based on the MS KB:


User has to use the option of drag and drop the document from Windows folder to SharePoint Library, which basically works as a charm if you have good configuration.


User can use the Explorer view in SharePoint 2013 document library.

However, being a SharePoint Admin, I was thinking to move a bit ahead with my search, where I know people these days are not satisfy with out of the box features and there have been techies doing regular research and messing around with giant product.

I came across a SharePoint Add on, which give this functionality and when deployed in your farm, enables the option to Upload Multiple Documents.  

But, Wait…..! It’s not free, there is $ 199 cost associated with it.

I think it’s a good option for those who are missing the capability to Upload Multiple Documents from SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010, but looking at cost I would live my life with Explorer View and Drag-Drop Option.

Choice is yours …..!

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013, Office 2010.

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