Monday, October 6, 2014

Unable to run audit Reports- .XML file opens as blank page : SharePoint 2010.

Issue: Whenever a user clicks on a Audit report on his SharePoint site, it brings back a blank page.

Error: There is no error as such, however, audit log reports opens as blank page in any browser.

Background: We had started facing this issue when user has reported that the issue is happening on one site. We started investigating from that side only. However, when we had explored this is wider issue and affecting multiple sites.

This was not the end point this issue was affecting other platforms also.

This issue was reported on multiple sites where when running audit logs reports opens as a blank page.
This issue was initially reported for one of the site and then we checked on other sites it has the same behavior.


As an initial investigation checked by disabling AV scan on our testing servers and Production severs but it came as clear.  

As this issue was wide, to isolate it concentrated on one test environment where one server was working and other was not!

  • IE settings on servers, clearing cache and resetting IE settings did not work.
  • IIS settings on both server and they were intact.
  • Settings on compat.browser file, which controls the behaviour of the IIS web applications when requested over http in IE at location D:\IISWebSites\wss\VirtualDirectories\\App_Browsers\compat.browser.
  • /_layouts/RunReport.aspx file content and no difference found.
  • Web.config files and \12 hive folder settings, no difference found.

Have tried to trace the behaviour of the request via Fiddler and nothing found.
Compared to open the pages in different browser, IE, Chrome and Firefox.

It looked liked to be an issue with the way .xml file is parsed from IE.


Opened a case with MS and they had asked to confirm if or KB is installed on any of the servers.
There were no entries of this KB on any of the servers.

Started comparing the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 updated on both of the servers. Assuming the issue has started in June, 14 month, started looking at the updates installed after May, 14.

On one test server (working one), last update ran on 31st Jan, 14, however on server non-working, last update ran on 16 May, 14 and the KB number installed was KB2894843 and we had KB2972214 installed on 12 Sept, 14.

Thinking and agreeing with MS eng. that KB2972214 installed on 12 Sept, 14  must had not caused the issue because the issue was there before 12 Sept, 14.

Targeted the KB2894843 installed on 16 May, 14 and uninstalled it from the server non-working sever.

Tried to browse the Audit log and it did work fine.

Note: This KB is near in the number, where MS has asked to check if any of the or, we had installed on the servers and answer was no.

Installed KB2894843 on the working server and it did break the audit logs and started coming as blank page.

Uninstalling the KB2894843 again from working server, had fixed the issue again.

With these entire tests we confirmed that had created the issue.

MS has confirmed that this is recent issue they were reported with by other clients as well and root cause of the issue is still un-known.

They had requested if we can uninstall the KB from all the affected servers as they have no plans to introduce any Hot-fix for this KB in near future.  

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010, Windows 2003 Server, .Net Frame Work 2.0.

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