Thursday, March 13, 2014

There are no addresses available for this application – Resolved

Recently we have created Business Connectivity Service application (BCS SA / BDC) and we were having problems in accessing the SA. We were getting the following error message while accessing it – if we click on the BDC / BCS service application then it was throwing an error message.

Error Message:
There are no addresses available for this application

This is not a permission issue.
There is no problem of service application corruption.
This is not user specific / account specific.

1)   Make sure the service is started via – services on server.
o   Central administration
o   Application management
o   Service applications
o   Manage services on server
o   Start the ‘Business Data Connectivity Service’

2)   Execute IISRESET on that server where you have started the Business Data Connectivity Service.

Product applies to:
1.   SharePoint Server 2010
2.   SharePoint Foundation 2010
3.   SharePoint Server 2013
4.   SharePoint Foundation 2013

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