Thursday, March 13, 2014

An error has occurred in the claim providers configured from this site collection

Let me share this article today in which the error we faced didn’t resemble with the farm configuration. We are using windows authentication and neva-eva configure the claims authentication but today we faced this strange error:

An error has occurred in the claim providers configured from this site collection.

I was working on permission part for one of the service application in Central Administration (CA), trying to give permission to one of our service account but got the above mentioned error.

It didn’t take me to figure out what’s the issue and the resolution was pretty simple

AAM i.e. alternate access mappings – Please make sure that you have configured the CA URL properly. In case of any changes with respect to host header then please do the necessary changes and check the results. 

1.   Central Administration
2.   System settings
3.   Farm management
4.   Configure alternate access mappings
5.   Select the CA URL from the top dropdown
6.   Edit public URLs
7.   Make the changes and hit OK – That’s it.

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