Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting started with your First site in SharePoint 2013.

I think being on the support side and project side of SharePoint. I should start sharing the how to stuff on SharePoint 2013 for end user readers.

Having said that I am going to touch base on the first site look and things it described. 

This is how a site looks like initially and we can add stuff based on our needs and can remove them.

We are going to talk about the each option one at a time.

Share your site:

This option is more like giving permissions to someone to visit you site with different permissions. 

Once you click on it you get the option to Share your site with the colleagues in your organization.

You can invite people by searching using their names, Email id and can share it everyone in your company.

You can also quote your personal message with this and can select to send invite via Email and can choose permissions as well.

An Email will be triggers to that person whose name you had selected to be invited on the site.

Then person can follow any feeds you will be posting on the site.

Working on a Deadline?

This is nothing I would say gives you similar option as we have seen in previous versions of SharePoint. It gives you option to create the Task and Calendar list though with an improved features and functionalists.

This is how a task list will look like. You can create new items in it and add more stuff based on what you would like to see in particular.

Calendar list is just most like we had in previous versions. We are not going to talk in much detail on these as it would need whole new topic to discuss the feature of these.

Add Lists, Libraries and other apps.

This option gives choices to add content to your site. Like, document library, form library, wiki page library, picture library and many more.

This option only shows the out of the box options you got with SharePoint 2013, however, you can add your own custom app, can request for new apps and manage the license of the already requested ones. 

What your style?

This are let you configure the style or theme of your SharePoint site. You can choose from various default templates to give a new look to your SharePoint site. You can customize the templates as well by publishing some solutions on the SharePoint gallery.

Your site, your brand.

option gives you privileges to add your own logo or brand logo on the site.

You can change the site Title, Description, Logo and description of the logo. This area also allowed choosing the site logo from your computer as well.

 I hope the initial touch-base to the First SharePoint site must be useful to you.

Product Applied to: SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Foundation 2013.

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