Saturday, August 16, 2014

HTTP 405 Method not allowed + PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer + SharePoint Server 2013

Issues: When opening a Performance Point Dashboard Designer using SharePoint 2013 you get below error message.

Error: HTTP 405 "Method not allowed".

Background: We had some users who tried to create Performance Point Dashboard using Performance Point in SharePoint Server 2013. But when browsing the site they get error message.

Their dashboard creation shows successful. But when they tried to browse the dashboard it failed.


Before moving any further I thought of letting you all read about what is HTTP 405 “Method not allowed” error is about.

I checked if the Performance Point service was configured correctly and based on what I Had read about the HTTP 405 error it seems to be an issue with the failure of authentication to some level and needed to find at where it is failing. 


MS KB: has given me the final direction about the resolution.

It says user will get the above issue in one of the following scenarios:
·         You configure a web application to use multiple authentication methods in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.
·         You use forms-based authentication to log on to the web application.
·         You use Windows authentication to open the PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer.

First, point explained the issue well, when I had checked that we had implemented more than one type of authentication on a single zone.

Have configured the PerformancePoint Dashboard and the web app IN CA to use same authentication method and it solved the issues for the users.  

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013, Performance Point Dashboard.

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