Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The site collection containing this sandboxed solution has exceeded its daily resource usage quota

In this article, we will discuss on resource usage with respect to Sandboxed Solutions.

Every time we will learn more and more when there is an issue and we start our analysis, troubleshooting, reproducing the issue and many more! – This is not going to stop J in fact nobody want to – J

I had a ticket in which user was facing the issue – he has uploaded a solution package inside solution gallery but as soon as he tried adding the webpart then he was getting the following error message

The site collection containing this sandboxed solution has exceeded its daily resource usage quota

Quite strange because uploading a package and the error in the next 5 mins – don’t you think something is wrong here? I have checked the resource usage of that solution-

1.   Open the site in which you have uploaded the solution (.WSP)
2.   Site actions
3.   Site settings
4.   Galleries
5.   Solutions

You will see the complete usage here – see the following screenshot.
From the above screenshot, it’s very clear that the resource usage is 0 but still I am not able to add the webpart :) then I thought it might be a permission issue so I tried with the farm account but same problem L - OK, permission is not the issue! – cleared.

Then I thought it might be browser specific so I tried in Mozilla as well as chrome to test the functionality but no changes in the result i.e. same problem – OK, browser is not the issue – cleared.

I checked the ULS logs to get more clarity, additionally event logs but didn’t find anything relevant.

Then I checked the timer jobs in case of any failures but everything was fine there also.

Then I thought there should be some setting from where we can set these resource usage numbers and finally I found it, LOL the setting that you see regularly gets sometimes ignored by us. Start thinking guys and hit the target!

Yes, you are right – “Configure quotas and locks” – by means of this you can check the actual “Sandboxed Solutions Resource Quota”.

So when I checked this then I found out that there were no numbers in the textboxes.
1.   Open the central administration
2.   Application management
3.   Configure quotas and locks
4.   Select the appropriate site from the top dropdown and specify the following numbers

By default these are numbers:
Limit maximum usage per day to: 300
Send warning e-mail when usage per day reaches: 100

Set this numbers and you should be good to go J

If you have any queries/questions regarding the above mentioned information then please let me know. I would be more than happy to help you as well as resolves your issues, Thank you.

Notes: if you are facing this problem in reference to Office 365 then here is the Microsoft endpoint:

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