Monday, September 30, 2013

The document could not be opened for editing

When opening a document from a SharePoint library on a specific site collection, I am receiving the following error.

 "The document could not be opened for editing. A Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application could not be found to edit the document"

Multiple resolutions:
1)   Make sure you are using IE 32 bit. IE 64 bit is not fully compatible with SharePoint

2)   Go to the document library's settings, advanced settings and check the settings for Opening Documents in the Browser

3)   If using IE 32 bit, check if "SharePoint OpenDocuments Class" is enabled under Tools -> Manage add-ons

4)   Make sure "Open Documents in Client Applications by Default" feature is activated for the site collection

5)   Try changing "Browser File Handling" of the web application to "Permissive"

6)   Try adding the SharePoint site to the Trusted Sites zone of the browser

8)   Make sure the client integration is enabled in central administration

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