Sunday, July 6, 2014

Troubleshooting Adding server to the farm: SharePoint 2007

Again going to basics, there was need of the adding one server to the farm in one of our SharePoint 2007 environment. Since its being long time touched SharePoint 2007 configuration. I was struggling to add the server back to the farm.

Issue: After installing SharePoint Binaries, running PS Config was failing on the SharePoint server. Getting the below error message.

Troubleshooting: Even after checking permissions in the SQL DB, it seems that everything was fine.

Ping to SQL server was successful; connecting to the SQL Server was failing by creating the .UDL file.

It seems that some connection issue was there. Have tried to connect to SQL by following ways:
  • SQL_Server_Name only.
  • SQL_Server_Name\SQL_Instances_Name
  • SQL_Server_Name: SQL_default_Port i.e. 1433.

Resolution: None of the above has worked. So it’s time to contact the SQL expert, he suggested to try using the SQL_Server_Name, SQL_dafault_Port i.e.1433.

It’s hard to spot the difference in third option I have tried above and what SQL guys suggested, but can be spotted by give an example.

What I was trying before: SQLSERVER:1433
What SQL guy suggested is: SQLSERVER,1433 , it just a difference or colon and comma used.

Problem again: PS Config ran smoothly and presuming the server was added to the server, I browsed the Central Admin to configure the services on the server, but…! the server was not available in the Central admin.

Did allot of mind joggling about it, re-run the PS config, disconnecting the server couples of times on and again running the PS config, but now luck.

Resolution: Finally, though of running the PS config on Application server where Central Admin was hosted and it did wonder, I could now see the server in the server list of CA.

It also made me thinking how did I forgot this basic steps in adding server back to the farm as this is one of the recommended practice of Microsoft and this is first question in my interview list which I ask most of the candidates. I would only say its work pressure mate…. J nothing else….!

Guidelines for further issue:
Browsing sites on the added server giving issue of login prompt even after adding the site to local Internet. And it got resolved by the Microsoft KB

Failure running on App server where Central Admin was hosted was resolved by

Applies to:
  • SharePoint 2007
  • Office 2007
  • IIS 6
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